Needful Children Celebrates Christmas With Patients at the Dibamba Leprosy Center

November 18, 2017
Picture Gallery – Dibamba Leprosy Centre
December 24, 2017
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Needful Children Celebrates Christmas With Patients at the Dibamba Leprosy Center

Dibamba Visit

Apart from reaching out to the less privilege children in the society, ARSVLPC has equally been so concerned with the inactive, call them the disabled or the handicapped. Such cases could be seen in Mbingo, Boyo Division of the North West region of Cameroon and Dibamba in the outskirts of Yassa in Wouri Division of the Littoral Region of Cameroon. These among others are the targeted few that Needful Children felt they deserve assistance as well as consolation.

We were however privileged to be received by Rev. Sr Pascal, head of the Dibamba Leprosy Center on December 23, 2017. The Dibamba Leprosy center accommodates more than 60 patients whose joy and happiness depends on charity and help from the generous people whom you are. Some can’t walk, others can’t work, yet they all desparately want to live a normal life. They can only eat if they have what to eat, receive treatment if it is available. They can have this only through donations and help from individuals and charity organizations.

Have you ever thought of someone who has a mouth to eat but hasn’t got hands to put food in the mouth? Just imagine how you can eat without your hands and you will understand what some of these lovely ones go through.

There is need for someone to feed them and give them food, they need someone to cloth them and give them cloths, there is the need for someone to help them walk and give them shoes and there is the need for someone to heal them and give them drugs.

Looking at their faces one is tempted to feel that all hope is lost. We need to give them hope. They need our presence. Our presence around them put smiles on their faces, makes them feel strong and healthy and gives them hope.

Needful Children (ARSVLPC) was there, chatted with them, smiled with them, gave them encouraging words and of course some grains of rice. We showed them love. Their smiles resonated the love we shared with them.

We went there on your behalf and did what we could do thanks to your donations. We still invite all our donors not to relent their efforts for there many out there who need our help.

We invite you all to join Needful Children in giving hope to the hopeless and showing love to the destitute. That’s the much we can do for them.

If you are touched and wish to help a needy child, then check our donation page and chip in something. Anything will help one or two persons in need.

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