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January 20, 2018
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July 24, 2018
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Needful Children Association in one of its activities organized a prize award ceremony during which encouragement

prizes were distributed to well over 200 pupils and students drawn from ten schools and one orphanage in Wouri Division in the Littoral Region of Cameroon. The ceremony brought together parents and or guardians of our accessible population. An event that took place on the 30th of June 2018 in the city of Douala – Cameroon equally witnessed the presence of the representatives of the schools involved.

The main objective of this prize award was to fight against school dropouts.  The beneficiaries of this distribution were less privileged pupils/students who went through a difficult academic year blamed on their social background which could discourage them from going back to school and eventually get caught up with the vain and detrimental activities of the streets. It was however on this backdrop that

Needful Children Association in collaboration with the heads of the targeted schools in Wouri division in the Littoral Region of Cameroon was able to identify over 200 of such cases from ten schools and one orphanage (Centre Social Des Cultures et Loisirs (CSCL) Douala) which the association has been constantly assisting.  We had children who went through a whole academic year without a single textbook; children who ended the academic year without paying a dime as tuition and children who because of their sad social background never enjoyed a single right of a school child.  With these sad experiences the association saw an 85% percent possibility of these children dropping out of school and whose eventual home will be the streets as the home has no hope. Imagining over 200 children out of which 156 are girls abandoning school, the association stepped in to provide a temporal solution. A solution that will at least cancel any idea of feeling frustrated about schooling.

What caught the attention of the association about these children is the fact that 75% of them passed to the next level despite the difficulties encountered. You can imagine the talents in these children and what it will give if the talents are encouraged and developed. It became however the plight of the association not to let these talents be wasted just because the children have no one to stand by.

During the ceremony the children were cautioned on the dangers of abandoning school and worse still roaming the streets. The parents/guardians were equally sensitized on their role in making something good out of the children. They were also encouraged not to loose hope no matter how difficult and painful it was in bringing them up.

It should be noted that the sponsorship of TECNO Cameroon and the assistance of CHOICE Cameroon made it quite possible for the association to encourage the children with school bags, textbooks and exercise books let alone a good quantity of other writing materials. Needful Children is sincerely grateful to TECNO and CHOICE.

With this situation of children in difficulty noticed during our fieldwork for identification, the association has a real challenge come September 2018 when the next school year begins. The challenge to make sure all these children go back to school normally like all others otherwise our streets will be flooded again with a great number of children with

school going ages. These children either need our assistance in the provision of didactic materials and or the payment of school fees let alone the provision of food items to some. A SPECIAL APPEAL IS HOWEVER LODGED TO GIVE HOPE TO THESE CHILDREN AND MANY MORE IN THE ENTIRE REGION AND CAMEROON AS A WHOLE.

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