Educate Your Children Or The Devil Will

Sensitization Campaign On Parental Responsibility
July 24, 2018
Needful Children share with the Cameroonian refugees in Ikang (Calabar) – Nigeria
January 5, 2019
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Educate Your Children Or The Devil Will

A research carried out by Needful Children Association indicates that some children find themselves in the streets because of poor parenting.

When parents neglect their responsibility over their children it leads to a variety of antisocial behaviors one of which is that of roaming the streets. Poor parenting makes children more prone to criminal behaviors and neglected children exposed to abuses. Poor parenting equally leads to poor performance in school because his/her needs are not met at home. this is a great problem in our society as most children in such circumstances withdraw from school. The case of Douala – Cameroon where Needful Children was able to cover.

Needful Children Team Working with children

Working with children

As part of the solutions to ameliorate parenting, the association embarked on sensitisation of parents on their responsibility. An exercise that was carried out precisely in Bepanda Omnisport and Ngwelle – Bonaberi all in Douala Cameroon. During this encounter parents/guardians were called upon to show love and concern without any form of discrimination on all the children we come across. Needful Children reminded the participants of true happiness achieved whenever we do our job well in bringing up our children or putting a smile on another.

The association continues the sensitisation campaign to other parts of the city of Douala in particular and Cameroon as a whole.





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