Distribution of sanitary towels to young adults in the refugees camp at Ikang (Calabar) – Nigeria.

Needful Children share with the Cameroonian refugees in Ikang (Calabar) – Nigeria
January 5, 2019
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Distribution of sanitary towels to young adults in the refugees camp at Ikang (Calabar) – Nigeria.

Have you ever thought of a lady who is menstruating and has got no sanitary pad to use? Have you ever imagine yourself using leaves to protect yourself during your period? This is the situation the internally displaced and the refugee girls from the two English parts of Cameroon are going through.

Needful Children has been so concerned about this and couldn’t have left the refugee camp at Ikang (Cross River State) Nigeria without distributing some sanitary towels and educating the young girls on ways to take proper care of themselves and the kind of sanitary towels they use during their periods in order to stay away from bacteria infections.

It is estimated that a woman menstruates 450 times in a lifetime. Menstruation isn’t an option in a woman and women especially the young girls must be educated on how to take care of themselves during this period. Most gynecological problems women face are due to bacteria infections most of which are generated from unhygienic sanitary towels used.

Menstrual hygiene is still a big problem in our community, as most girls and women cannot afford sanitary towels due to the prices at which they are sold. Things become worse in situations like this as they are faced with the challenges of accommodation, feeding, clothing etc.

We can help our girls to stay safe during this trial moment. You can join us in donating sanitary towels to them and the internally displaced.  Together we can help them to manage their menses with dignity.

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