Needful Children share with the Cameroonian refugees in Ikang (Calabar) – Nigeria

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July 25, 2018
Distribution of sanitary towels to young adults in the refugees camp at Ikang (Calabar) – Nigeria.
January 5, 2019
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Needful Children share with the Cameroonian refugees in Ikang (Calabar) – Nigeria

The Anglophone crisis which has paralysed the two English speaking regions in Cameroon for the past two years counting has rendered thousands wandering: some internally displaced and some refugees most of whom are in the different parts of the neighbouring country – Nigeria. The situation of those displaced has been of great concern to all humanitarian bodies as they are greatly in need of either food, shelter or clothing.

With representatives of the National Commission for refugees.

The situation of the internally displaced let alone those seeking refuge in other countries has equally been one of the greatest preoccupation of Needful Children association. Ever since they were rendered homeless, the association has been fighting for possible ways to give assistance to them. It was until January 3rd, 2019 that the association braved all the odds and difficulties and was able to reach out to and share with the refugees in Ikang Village in Calabar – Cross Rver State of Nigeria. It should be noted that Ikang hosts over one thousand refugees from the Anglophone regions of Cameroon caused by the crises.

During the visit Needful Children had some few items including rice and sanitary pads for young female adults. Even though assess to the refugees camp was a little complicated due to protocol put in place by the NCFRMI (National Commission For Refugees, Migrants and Internally Displaced Persons) we were finally granted access to the camp on conditions that all items were to be bought in the presence of the Commission’s representative. We were equally accompanied to the camp by the coordinators of NCFRMI.

While at the camp one could feel the pain and misery that the men and women as well as the children go through in a land that is not theirs talk less of what they need to sustain their lives. Needful Children after this visit solicits the assistance of each and every individual who is capable of having one square meal a day to think of the refugees and the internally displaced as a result of the crises in the Cameroon Anglophone zones. They need us more and more importantly our prayers.

Kids in need of care and attention

You can get in touch with us in case you have anything for the refugees or internally displaced and doesn’t know how to get about it.

We are greatly indebted to Mr. UBON Andy and Eveline of NCFRMI and the leader of the refugees Mr. TAKOMO Friday for facilitating our encounter with the refugees. We are also very greatful for the care and security they all try to give the refugees. May the Lord be their strength.

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