About Us

About Us

Association for the rescue of the street, vulnerable and less privileged children (ARSVLPC)

ARSVLPC an association that works with vulnerable, street and less privileged children in Cameroon. ARSVLPC help provide these vulnerable children with medicine, food, clothing, education and most of all shelter.

Our aim is to help resettle the children in a family and raise their standard of living by providing them with basic needs. Resettling them could be either reuniting them with their parents or if the case arises, with a foster parent.

ARSVLPC also works to ensure that quality education is given for both boys and girls; help provide training and apprenticeship for young adults; help in the fight against infant mortality; ensure a sustainable environment; combat widespread diseases and develop a global partnership for development.


Our activities will include

– Assembling street children

– Provide them with income generating activities (for older street children)

– Educate them on the dangers of roaming the street

– Reinsert them into the society


To advocate for the rights of vulnerable, street and underprivileged children and help them to be reinserted in the society.


We want to create an environment whereby children will be free from neglect and oppression.