Our Team

Founder / President

Tufoin Mercy Ntsi


Tufoin Mercy Ntsi was born into a polygamous family of two wives with nineteen children. Her father Japhet Tufoin Kindong who has never seen the walls a of classroom, struggled and sponsored her till she completed her elementary education. Mercy being the first daughter in the family, was given out for marriage at a very tender age. God being so great, she got married to a man of little means but who cherished education. It was thanks to her husband's efforts that she was privileged to continue with her education till she obtained the Bsc. Mercy stayed with her husband for five years without a child. Within this period of childlessness, she developed so much love and affection for the less privilege and vulnerable children. Mercy has never been comfortable bypassing a needful child without showing a sign of charity. However, she wasn't doing this because she has sufficient means but simply because she understands exactly how it feels to have nothing. Until this day, she is known as the mother of a multitude as her empathy and humanitarian nature has brought many underprivileged children into her home. Mercy is a Marketing Researcher happily married with three biological children and mother to a multitude.

Co-founder / Secretary General

Buh Ngong Eric


Born into a polygamous family of four wives of the father, Buh Ngong Eric is the first son of his late father's seventeen children and of course the first son of his mother's seven children. The father, late Bobe Salia Ngong Timothy despite his heavy responsibility over his large family had no steady source of income to conveniently take care of all. Everyone including the young became hustlers to make ends meet. Eric at the age of eight was picked out of the miserable family by his philanthropic uncle who trained and brought him up a successful man. Before the death of his uncle in 2011, Buh was already independent. Worthy to note is that throughout his life with his uncle he lived a friendly life with mostly his type I.e the less privileged in the society. He however developed great attachment, love and empathy for the destitute cases. Until this day Buh finds in difficult to stay away or feels different from the needy in the society. He finds it really hard to pass by a street child without showing a sign of solidarity. Buh Ngong Eric is an educationists and by God's grace he is married and a father of three.


Su-uh epse Buh Judith Futela


Su-uh epse Buh Judith Futela was born into the family of late Su-uh Ernest and late Chuote Therese in 1984. She is the last of the six children in a family of five girls and one boy. It was a struggling family that saw the kids through elementary education. Judith was able to continue her education thanks to the assistance of her sister's husband who accepted her as his own and gave her a future. With her experience being brought up in a different home Judith has lived to love, admire and feel for the fatherless children especially those in need. She does buying and selling, married with lovely kids.


Chiange Hycenth Nsom


He was born into a polygamous family with two step mothers and 19 siblings. He was the only surviving son of his mother. He could not continue his secondary school immediately due to differences in the house. He had to do odd jobs to sponsor himself into secondary school where he finally obtained a GCE Ordinary and Advanced Level Certificates. He indulged himself in small jobs afterwards since he could not continue his education due to finance. He worked in a micro-finance as manager and also worked as a secretary in a special civil status registration center. He raised some finance and registered to start a Grade 1 Teachers' Training Course in Government Teachers' Training College Bamenda, where he finally obtained his Grade 1 certificate in 2002. He taught with the Catholic Education Agency in Douala for 7 years until he went into business. He now deals in the buying and selling of cocoa. His difficulties in life made him not to think twice before becoming a member of Needful Children (ARSVLPC). He doesn't like to see children suffer the way he did. That is why he saw Needful Children as an opportunity for him to help children who are living in difficulties.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers