Our Three Main Projects


Provision of food stuff & clothes.

Hundreds of Needful Children are hungry, thirsty and clothless.
They need your help

Under this project, we share happiness with needy children in the streets as well as poor children distributing delicious and nutritious food, clothes, gifts and toys among them.

This program is being executed solely by Needful Children and its volunteers as of now. We will be needing support from individuals and organizations who wish to be our donors. In this program, we encourage contribution to specific children especially girls and the handicap, who are the most disadvantaged and vulnerable of needful children. You can Donate for their empowerment, livelihood development, self-employment or even sponsor them to school.


Encouragement prizes to school drop-outs.

Many Less Privileged Children Wish they were in School.
They need your help

Most of the needful children we have met on the streets or at poor homes say they would have loved to continue school if they could have access to financial help.

Some said they left because school was boring and what was taught was irrelevant to the career path or lives they aspired for. Others said their schools were not motivating them enough for them to be hardworking. Needful Children has been determined from the onset to help school dropouts who find themselves in the streets and realized later that education is important to their lives. We have struggling to organize private classes for some of these children. We cannot do this all alone especially the fact that we lack didactic materials and also that the students don’t have the necessary materials for studies. If these children are awarded prizes, it would encourage them and Needful Children to expand the organization’s activities to help more and more less privileged children. We would buy advanced teaching aids and provide scholarships to these children who have dropped out of school for one reason or the other to pay their school fees. If you are moved to help one of these needful children continue school and earn a good life worthy of what the community wants, then don’t hesitate to Donate.


Provision of didactic materials to the needy.

Vulnerable Street Children Need Education.
They need your help

Needful Children has as one of its projects to donate didactic materials to street, less privileged and vulnerable children in Douala and other towns in Cameroon.

Without textbooks, concepts, skills and content required by the curriculum, these children cannot be taught. The text book in particular is one of the most important source of content and pedagogic instructions for a teacher. Neither the needful children nor teachers have access to other didactic materials to offer basic educational needs to these children. With varied ways of improving the provision of basic learning materials, there are many possible ways that these children can be helped. Donors can offer gifts of books or support Needful Children with cash to buy the necessary basic learning materials. This will help these less privileged children on the streets to get the basic education they need. Our main goal is to provide for them a medium and long term provision of basic learning materials at the different levels of education. You can Donate to educate a needful child.

Thank you for your kindness dear volunteers